Reverse Phone Lookup

Have a Number – Need an Address? A reverse phone number lookup may allow you to establish the name and address to whom the telephone number is registered.


Sometimes! is the answer, Naturally you can just punch the number into the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN and so on. When the number relates to a business more often than not the company details will be shown up.

When you do these searches is better to enter the phone number in a formatted way i.e. leaving the appropriate spaces between the area codes.

Private residential phone numbers and their addresses will generally not be displayed using the search engines. Facebook users often include phone numbers in their profiles but will generally limit access to their friends or contacts. However its probably worth a Facebook search just in case. There are many web sites ranked in Google that allude to performing free reverse number lookups but they are mostly American web sites – where you can ‘Search’ for the number / address but will generally have to pay to view the results.

If you can’t reverse the phone number and source the address for free. There are a small number of UK companies (shown below) that do have access to a ‘consented datbase of telephone numbers, they will, for a fee check your number to see if there is a match. If the number isn’t listed here then its unlikely that you will be able to source the address using a phone number.

MCA Tracing Services If a match is found a £9.00 fee applies, pre-payment not required – no results – no fee
Finder Monkey £9.99 fee required to run a search – payment in advance – no refund if nothing found
Free Find People Purchase credits to run a search – min price £14.99 no refund if nothing found


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