Find My Mother

Finding your mother can be as easy as looking in the telephone directory or it may turn out to be more challenging  as women have more options to protect their identity or whereabouts.

The quality of information that you are able to pull together about your mother in preparation for your search- and your determination to find her – is key in making the search sites work  effectively  for you to produce  a positive end result!!



  • What is your mothers full name including any middle names or initials?
  • Does she have a nickname or an alias that she is known by?
  • If your mother is divorced or separated from your father,do you know her maiden name or any previous or present marriage surname or the names of a former or current partner that she may have lived or be living with.
  • Do you remember the date or approximate year that your mother remarried or divorced?
  • Do you know the names of any children that your mother may have had with her new husband or partner?

If you do not have this information and your grand  parents ,close relatives or friends are unable to help you – click onto our Ancestry or  Geneology site links where you will find the records of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the USA.


  • Do you know your mothers date of birth or her approximate age? This information is quite important to your search for verification purposes so  once again if you are uncertain and other members of your family are unable to assist, click on to our Ancestry or Geneology site link.


  • Do you know your mothers last known address or any previous address where she may have resided at during the last 10 years –if you do not have a full address the name of the town ,city or state may be useful in the search?
  • Do you recall your mother ever taking temporary or short term rented accommodation or shelter with a friend, relative or organisation for the homeless?
  • Have you checked with other family members if they have any contact details for any close friends of your mothers that might have lived in the same area as her at some time?


  • Do you know her last known home ,work, or cell phone number or once again the telephone number for any of her close friends who may be able to help?
  • Do you have a contact number for any of her previous husbands or partners or for anyone that she may have shared accommodation with over the last few years?

If not, click onto our On Line Telephone Directory Services and check for any listings.


  • What was your mothers occupation and do you know where she may have last been employed?
  • Can you remember the name of any of her work colleagues that she may still be in contact with or do you know where her new husband or partner is employed?
  • It would also be useful to have a note of her social security number as this may be relevant later on in your search.


If your mother did not work in full or part time employment she may have been an active member in a voluntary or charity organisation. If this is a possibility, it’s worthwhile calling the local branch and checking if anyone there still has any contact with her –give it a try- you’ve nothing to lose!


If you have exhausted the search facilities already suggested but have not been successful in finding your mom –  don’t despair or be tempted to give up! The time and effort  you have put into preparing your check list and the information you have gathered has not been wasted –but you now need to consider engaging the service of a professional skip tracing agent who will be able to take the search to the next level.

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