Find My Father

The success of your search will be driven by the quality of information you are able to gather about your father and your determination to find him!

The internet is the largest repository of comprehensive people information – but the more details you have in preparation – the more effectively the search sites will work for you.



  • What is your father’s full name, including any middle names or initials? Does he have a title such as John James 3rd, or a nickname or alias that he is known by?
  • If your father has separated or is divorced from your mother do you know the name of his new wife or partner? It may also help with your search if you know the names of any step brothers or sisters you may have from another relationship.

To research more information, the records of Births, Deaths and Marriages can be found on or Family


  • Do you know your fathers date of birth or his approximate age?If not check out once again on  where this information can usually be accessed or ask another member of your family who may be able to help you.


  • Do you know his last known address or any previous address or do you have the name of the town,city or state where he may have resided during the last 10 years? It’s also worth checking with other family members if they have any contact details for any of his friends that might have lived in the same area at some time.


  • Do you know his last known home,work or cell phone number or do you have a telephone number for any of his close friends that may be able to help .If not, click onto the On Line Telephone Directory services and check for any listings.


  • Where did your father last work or do you know of any  places of employment  during the recent past? Can you remember the name of any of his work colleagues that may still be in contact with him? It would also be useful to have a note of his social security number as this may be relevant later on in your search.


  • Is, or was, your father serving in the Military? If so click onto and check out the records for military personnel.


  • Is it possible that he may be serving a prison sentence? If so, some states –but not all – have made this information public so it’s worth checking Vinelink but you will need his full name and date of birth before doing so.

These are the most useful points of information required for assisting you in your search.Don’t worry if you can’t access them all but if you don’t have enough information to get started ask your family and friends to help fill in the blanks.


If you have exhausted the search facilities already suggested but have not been successful in finding your dad –  don’t despair or be tempted to give up! The time and effort  you have put into preparing your check list and the information you have gathered has not been wasted –but you now need to consider engaging the service of a professional skip tracing agent who will be able to take the search to the next level.

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