Find My Daughter

If the time is right to reunite with the daughter you have lost all contact with – then this is place to start looking for her!

When starting out on your journey, please bear in mind that finding a female person can be a real challenge as women have more options and opportunities to change their name , reinvent their identity and protect their whereabouts – but if you are determined and prepared to do the legwork  before considering  employing the services of a professional, then the chance of finding her yourself  is high in your favour!

To maximise the search facilities available to you, it’s essential to put together as much information about your daughter as you can particularly if you have not seen or heard from her for several years or more.



  • When you last had contact with your daughter was she still a single woman  if so what is her full name including any middle names or initials or is there a pet name she is known by?


  • If your daughter is or was married ,divorced or separated do you know her previous or present married name or the full name of any former or current partner that she may have lived with or is living with now?
  • Does your daughter have any children of her own and if so do you know their name and approximate age?

If you are unsure about any of these facts and other members of your family are unable to help you simply click onto FAMILYLINK.COM or ANCESTRY.COM where you will be able to check the USA records for birth’s, marriages and divorce.


  • Do you have a note of your daughters last known address or any previous address where she may have resided with her husband or partner since you were last in touch with her. If you do not have a  full address – do you know the town, city or state where she was living at any time?
  • Is it possible that she might have taken short term or rented accommodation with a relative or close friend or perhaps with one of her children?
  • Have you checked with other family members or her friends if they have any  information of her more recent whereabouts –even an email address would be very useful?


  • Do you remember your daughter’s last known home, work or cellphone number or do you have a contact number for her husband or partner?

If not, click onto the on line TELEPHONE DIRECTORY services link and check for any listings.

  • Do you recall the names of any of her college or university friends that she may have kept in touch with or do you have an address book  that she may have left behind? and  hold  graduate records and both are free sites, so you may be able to contact an ex school friend who can help you with your search

  • Alternatively, if you are a Skype customer you can download their directory free of charge. Millions of people now have a Skype account so it’s well worth a try!!


Regardless of age or status, millions of people communicate on social networking sites enabling them to connect with family and friends so the chance of contacting your daughter via this medium is a possibility.

  • Check out Facebook, Twitter ,Linkedin ,My Space and Google to start as these are currently the most popular and they are free and easy to access daily.


  • Do you know your daughters occupation and where she is working or any place of employment where she may have worked in the past – if so do you know the name of  any work colleague she might still be in touch with?


  • Do you know where her husband or partner is employed?If so – give them a call.

If not – click onto Linkedin which is a site used by professionals for business networking. It would also be useful to have a note of her social security number as this may be relevant later on in your search.


  • Does your daughter have any particular interests or hobbies and may belong to a social club or charity organisation? If so why not call the local branch and check if she is still a member or if anyone there still has any contact with her.


If you have exhausted the services and search facilities already suggested but have not been successful in finding your daughter –  don’t despair or be tempted to give up! The time and effort  you have put into preparing your check list and the information you have gathered has not been wasted –but you now need to consider engaging the service of a professional skip tracing agent who will be able to take the search to the next level.

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