Find People for Free

Welcome to our resources and tools site – designed to give you the best chance of Finding People for Free.

The Internet is awash with sites offering Free People Searches but just when you seem to have found your missing person then comes the twist – you normally have to pay to see the required information! In short searching is pretty much always free, getting your hands on the information is another matter.

On this site we explore how you might access the information you require, wherever possible for free and if that’s not possible then we have listed as many of paid providers as possible, including a summary of their prices. So even if you have to pay we can ensure that you pay the absolute minimum.

We suggest that you step through each of the tabs above in sequential order:

  • People Finder – Your Starting Point! An explanation of the information that you will need to have prior to conducting your search.
  • Social Media, just how to find people on Facebook, Yahoo People, Google Search and other free to use sites.
  • Free Directories and Sites where you can post messages.
  • Electoral Roll – Pretty much always chargeable but a comprehensive review of services provided and current fees.
  • Tracing Agencies – Still searching or in a rush, then it might pay to instruct an Agent, they will have access to databases not available to the general public. Prices vary considerably but our index will allow you to identify the best deals.

How long will it take? It can be very time consuming and there are likely to be many blind alleys but with perseverance and commitment you may well find that missing person without spending a fortune.


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